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Congratulations to the following players selected in the 2019 East Coast Super League draft.  Whilst we are saddened to see some players leave the ECSL, we are excited about the opportunity that this presents for new players.

If your name appears below, then a team representative should have been in touch with you by now: (in alphabetical order)


  • Augoustis, Dominic
  • Barton, James
  • Kim, Brian
  • Lukin, Savva
  • Wardlaw, Aiden
  • Wardlaw, Callum



  • Bolger, Connor
  • Dimopoulos, Luka
  • Kleipas, Joshua
  • Kopp, Matthew



  • Jalc, Michal
  • Keating, James
  • Kim, Paul
  • Laajunen, Mika
  • Matthews, Austin
  • McKenzie, Alex
  • Portnov, Max
  • Takiari, Sean
  • Zahradka, Daniel



  • Ahlin, Henrik
  • Gibbins, Dean
  • Lamoureux, Will
  • Russell, Logan
  • Urweiss, James
  • Wood, Andrew 


It is unfortunate that we could not fill a spot for everyone who tried out, we thank you for coming an expressing interest in our league and we hope to see you again in 2020.

Any players who reside in Canberra should contact IHACT and request interest, we are pushing to expand the ECSL with our friends down south and any players who were not selected should contact their local club and find out when SNR 1 tryouts are.
  • If you are a midget please start the process rolling on getting a play up form signed and submitted to the ECSL Committee.
  • Any seniors joining the ECSL need to obtain a clearance from their previous club before the season starts.
  • Any players born outside of Australia need to begin the process of purchasing a IIHF ITC (International Transfer Card).
  • Registrations are now OPEN! Please visit (top left corner is a button saying Register Now).

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